Select the image you want to view by clicking on the image of your choice below. After that image loads, you will see navigation arrows above the photo, these are for going back and forward through the album without having to return to this page each time. You can return here anytime using the up arrow or the button on the left panel you used to get here the first time.

While you are viewing the photo album you can click on the photograph to download a hi-resolution version of the photo. This photo will be suitable for printing. If you have a photo or near photo quality printer, you can print you own copies of any photo you want.

Once you click on the photo, you will either get a download window or the image will start loading to your browser, depending on your browser version and settings. If you get the download box, just select a folder to store the photo and proceed. If you get the VERY LARGE photo on you screen, once it has finished loading, just right click on the image and select "Save Image as", select a folder to store the image and click save. Either way you will then have the image on your computer.

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