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Author Message: Hi family
Kimberly A Shryock Posted: 19-Jun-16 11:37
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My name is Kimberly Annette Shryock Wade. I was born July 19 1981 to Donald Gilbert (Bert) Shryock and Marsha Annette Parker Shryock. I live in Eldorado Arkansas and I have two children Sean Eason Wade born September 12, 2001 and Alexa Marie Wade born April 16, 2003. I have noticed that in our recent family history we have a lot of artists and jewelry makers. I also love to paint and do all kinds of craft work including jewelry.. does anyone know how far back in our family this Started? I would love to see some art or craft work on our family page.
Bill Shryock Posted: 23-Jun-16 02:34
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Hello Kimberly,

Welcome to the site. As you can probably tell by the lack of post here, the site doesn't see a lot of activity. I check it regularly for spam but other than that it really doesn't see a lot of activity. I had hoped that it would be a meeting place for the family, but alas, it just hasn't happened.

Anyway, glad to see you here. I don't have a clue who the first jeweler in the family was but I remember Granddad Shy was a jeweler, watch maker, optician and an all around handy man. My dad was also pretty handy. Jeweler, Master Engraver, Master Calligrapher and a watch maker. He could do just about anything he wanted.

I'm pretty universal but while I'm handy and can do a lot of different things, I'm a master of few if any. Jack of all trades and master of none is a phrase that seems to fit me. But I have fun.

I think that the family is very talented with some being quite masterful. I just missed the boat on the masterful part.

Feel free to look around and use the site as if it were your own. Tell other family members about it. Maybe someday it will come alive again. When we lost my Aunt Betty Jo, it seemed to just wither away but I have no plans on closing it down so I would welcome the activity.

Again, welcome to the site and feel free to post your heart out.

Bill Shryock

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