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Author Message: Shryocks in NY please help
KSchreyack Posted: 27-Oct-15 00:22
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Hello, my name is Kaycie. I've been researching my father's line of the family, and while I was able to trace the Schreyack line in NY I have been unsuccessful in finding anything concrete of my 3rd great grandfather in Germany. This is the line I've been able to follow so far and if anyone has any information to help me get further I would deeply appreciate it. It's been difficult finding anything on him when it seems most are descended from the Jacob in the 1700's.

Jacob William (Wilhelm) Schreyack
B. Apr 24 1846 Buoch, Baden-WŁrttemberg, Germany
D. Apr 2 1906 Kings, New York
Anna Schreyack (Fiedler) B Jan 1849 Germany

He says he arrives in the US in 1865 at age 19 on a passport application, only saying a shipping vessel from Rotterdam. On his naturalization record (the earliest record I have on him in 1870) the last name is spelt Schreijak and his nationality is king-prussia. He marries in 1867 to Anna Fiedler. I have been unable to find anything on her before she is married to Jacob. She is born presumably in the same area as Jacob. I also have an 1880 census that has the last name as Shryock. It is the only time I find the name spelt that differently. I was able to get his death record, and it indicates that the fatherís name is the same as his but it's been unhelpful in my search.

They have a son Charles Schreyack
(b mar 14 1875 NY d jun 25 1968 WV)
who marries Sophie Schreyack (Hensel)
(b may 1880 NY d 1942)

There is then Harry H Schreyack
(b apr 19 1899 NY d jun 1976 NJ)
who marries Marie Schreyack (Eberhart)
(b apr 26 1899 NY d nov 1976 NJ)

My grandparents are Alfred Harry Schreyack
(b 1937 NJ)
and Sophie Antonette Schreyack (Schlachtun)
(b Dec 1938 NJ)

I hope I listed the information correctly and that someone may be able to help me find the links to Germany. Thank you for your time and looking at this.

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