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Author Message: indianangel
Kenneth Houke Posted: 20-May-15 11:10
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The houke's you are looking for live in Mexico mo. Polly's line and my line Johnson Houke are are all looking for you. This our lucky day. I am a contractor and 25 years ago I took off work to do a day of family research in montogomery County courthouse and ran ran into Polly's grand dauthter Hazel and sister . We were both thrilled to say the least. We has all driven at least an hour to arrive at the same place. I have photos a(box) of unknown people from Mary Sabin (Houke). I would love to share the wealth . Most of the folks are unkown, may be they are your people. Good luck hunting. Family research used to be a passion of mine until the 4 kids popped up in 4 years 4 month and 14 days from start to finish. Would love to get back into the swing of things. Kenneth Houke (long lost cousin)

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