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Linda Lowman Posted: 14-Oct-12 11:55
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Hello, My name is Linda Lowman and was Linda Bates. I am looking for Danny Shane Shryock who lived in Del Mar CA and was born in 1956. I went to school with him in Jr. High School and he as my first sweet heart. He was looking for me and the last correspondence that i have is from August 1075 for which he was looking for me. I got the letter years later when my younger sister was cleaning her house and found the letter unopened and she gave it to me. He has been looking for me and did make an attempt to find me. Can any one help reunite us?

I have the original letter right next to me...

He had a brother named Andy I believe. He would have gone to San Digieto High School and went to Earl Warren Jr. High School he had red hair and fair and blue eyes...as per his ancestory.

Thanks you for any leads you can give and if he has children and where he might be. I have tried and tried to find him.

Thanks you in advance for any information that you might have availalbe or help locating him...he would be 56 as I am. This would be Southern California.

Linda A. Lowman

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