Biography of Gideon Shryock

Gideon Shryock   The architect of both the old Kentucky State House and old Arkansas State House, Gideon Shryock was born on November 15, 1802 in Lexington, Kentucky. He was the third child and second son (the first died in infancy) of Mathias and Mary Elizabeth Gaugh Shryock who left Frederick County, Maryland and settled in Lexington in the late 1780s. 1 Old Kentucky State House

The Shryock ancestry has been traced to the Netherlands where the name was Van Shriech. In the sixteenth century the family emigrated to Hanover in Prussia and became known as Von Shriach. 2 Some of them settled in Eisleben and from this branch Gideon Shryock's family traced its lineage. Four Shriach brothers came to America in the 1730s and one of them, Christian, was Gideon's great-grandfather. 3 The name was changed to Shryock in the early 1780s. 4 Gideon's father was the brother of our Gilbert Shryock's great-great grandfather, making Gideon and Gilbert 4th cousins.

The Old Arkansas State House during the Civil War   Painting of the Old Arkansas State House

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